nara bespoke

A luxury desert escape

Your experience is private, exclusive and bespoke, you can choose…

Imagine a private and exclusive camp site in the beautiful dunes of Dubai, the city of Dreams, where anything is possible

If your dream is to sleep in the desert without compromising on comfort, Nara will make it happen

If your wish is to enjoy amazing food under the stars catered by the most exclusive chefs, Nara can organize it for you

If you are seeking entertainment, Nara will source the most original talent options.

nara of sands

Nara of Sands

Discover the beauty of the desert dunes in a refined and exceptional camp setting.

nara close to star

Nara closer to the Stars

Discover the desert in a unique, private and personalized atmosphere in a setting of luxuriously understated sophistication.

Nara loves nature

Nara loves Nature

“Let yourself become one with nature “

Nara’s private camp cares for Nature. We provide you with the ultimate comfort whilst respecting the natural environment. Nara uses Solar energy and sources organic and local products whenever possible.

An example of your journey 

Private chauffer for chauffer

Getting to the Camp

  • Plan for a 30 - 40 minutes drive from Dubai till our DDCR Gate

  • If you choose our chauffeur service, we will collect you from your hotel/home

  • Choose from a gentle desert drive or a camel ride to reach our Camp

Upon Arrival

  • Arrive at the Camp where you will be welcomed by our team and refreshments

  • Enjoy the activites you have selected or simply revel in the beauty of the sunset

brunch at nara

Brunch at Nara

  • The menu is customizable upon your preferred choices

  • Dinner will be served at your preferred time

  • Be amazed by our talented artists while enjoying a cup of tea/coffee

Overnight at Nara

  • Return to Dubai after your evening or sleep in one of our beautiful nomadic tents

  • Breakfast will be served in the early hours​​

  • Return to Dubai in the morning

Overnight at nara
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Send your queries to our Experience Creator for Unforgettable experience.

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Should you have a dream you would like to fulfill, we would love to hear from you to make it happen!

Contact us for the rates of the different activities you wish to combine. Activities and entertainment are subject to availability.

Fire belly dance
Fire Belly Dance
Led butterfly Dancer
LED Butterfly Dance
belly dance
Belly Dance
LED Belly Dance
LED Belly Dance
tanura show
Fire Show
Fire Show
customized ring fire show
Customized Fire Ring
Fire Tanoura show
Fire Tanura
Oud player
Oud Player
Arabic Aayallah dance
Arabic Aayallah Dance


Experience an overnight stay in one of our refined and comfortable nomadic tents.
Overnight stay

Set up of a private camp exclusively for you

Accommodation in our luxurious nomadic tents

Your overnight stay includes breakfast

Tent occupancy is up to 4 guests*

Nara‘s private camp cares for nature. We provide the highest levels in comfort while respecting the environment.

*Sleepovers are exclusively dedicated to our guests who are reserving dinner with us.

Nomad Tent
Kids tent
Lotus Tent

We have ten nomadic tents, with two different styles.

Lotus Tent
Nomad Tent


If you wish to celebrate a special occasion, we can organize a bespoke event for you.
Mexican lounge

Live music, acoustic guitarist, classical, jazz

Live singers


Drumming classes

Fire dancers


Just to name of few

Please contact our team to organize an unforgettable experience.

Corporate Events

Private Event
Events set up
Dining Table


Here are a few ideas that can be tailored to your children’s wishes.


Movie under the stars

Live singers


Survivor Camp


Softar Archery 


Camel Ride

Treasure Hunt

Pajama Party 

Learn to prepare a fire

Corporate Events

Kids event
Kids dining
Pajaman Party
Overnight stay for kids


Create your menu with our French Chef, Franck Sanna

Nara suggest the following Menu

Gastronomic Dinner

Japanese Fusion Cuisine

Signature Barbecue 

Oriental Dinner

Vegan Menu

Children's Menu

Our experience creator will send you all our options.

Customized Menu

The Menu can be customized as per your taste and interest in different cuisines Kindly contact our Experience Creator.

Fattoush salad


If you wish to escape the city lights and recharge your energy, Nara has the perfect solution.

We can organize the following activities:


Thai massage



Desert hike

Nature Tour

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Send your queries to our Experience Creator for Unforgettable experience

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Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai has come of age in the area of conservation. In a destination known for its mega-projects, a less well-known local fact is that the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve forms the biggest piece of land which Dubai has dedicated to a single project.

Beyond its breathtaking beauty, Sonara camp is a place of rare biodiversity and a sanctuary for hundreds of Gazelles and Oryx.

We are proud to be located in the middle of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which preserves and protects this rare habitat. We encourage our guests to donate funds to the DDCR to support their mission.

“We are increasingly aware of the urgent need to take good care of our priceless natural heritage, all the more so as Dubai is expanding so fast. The Reserve protects our last unspoiled desert and unique Arabian way of life for future generations to enjoy.”

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum
Chairman, DDCR

Learn more at


Contact Us

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Al Ain Road, Margham Gate

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